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The Boltons is a small development of houses, off Westover Road, Milford on sea.  The land that surrounds The Boltons development is public amenity land. It forms part of the original planning consent in 1965 when the houses were first built. The land was landscaped by a world renowned landscape architect named Professor Derek Lovejoy and then the builder dedicated it to the public forever.


This means that all the land coloured green on the map, along with the footpaths in yellow is amenity land open to everyone and it cannot be blocked off (Pictures below)

Footpaths provide the public with more formal access around the back of all the houses and access to the seafront. These have been adopted by Hampshire Highways.


The Parish Council accepted the Deed of Dedication in 1980 and are obligated to maintain it in perpetuity. On the map all the land in green is public open space. The yellow areas mark where the public foot paths are. 

Until recently all the paths were accessible, including the one that snakes along the side of Ravens Way.

Rights of way over paths and green space have existed unrestricted  and been maintained by Local Councils for more than 50 years.

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