This document dedicates The Boltons land, Milford on sea to the public forever. It was signed by the Mayor Aldermen and Burgesses of The Borough of Lymington and Cotton Housing Ltd (The Builder). The builder paid a large sum of money for the then council to accept the dedication for the "unrestricted use and benefit of the public forever". Lymington Council have since been absorbed into the New Forest Council and the dedication remains valid today.


The Boltons Amenity Land Registry Document states that all footpaths and grassed areas are subject to Rights of Way and that a Deed of Dedication exists on this land. There is no ambiguity in these documents. The public have the right of access across all of it by foot. Areas of land in this title are dedicated for the use and benefit of the public to form a landscaped area.


There are foot paths that run along the back of houses nos 1-4, 5-7 and 8-10. These are “W classified adopted routes” and Hampshire Highways have an obligation to keep these paths clear.  They need to be held to account for meeting their legal obligation. The footpaths can be found on the latest HCC Highways adopted roads and footpaths map. The yellow dotted line marks where these are.


The original planning consent for The Boltons is an important set of documents. Just because you own land it does not mean that you can do what you like with it. The amenity land surrounding The Boltons forms part of the original planning consent it includes a scheme of landscaping, including the planting of trees and shrubs and the laying out of grassed and paved buildings, structure or erection of any kind (including walls, fences, hedges, trees or shrubs) shall be erected or planted on the area coloured green on the plan without prior consent of the local planning authority.


The Boltons Green Space Preservation Group

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